Adding a folder or Exe file as Trusted Program in Trend Micro Antivirus Server

Trend Micro Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus that is being used in the current industries, The Security of this Software is the best and this is one of the most used software in an Organisation, It has feature of real time scanning that whenever an application run or we perform copy of data from one to other system then it continues scanning and protects data from virus, Malware,Trojan and etc. it has easy online support and good in service and maintenance it is also a light weight server that we can install on simple XP or Window 7.

Sometimes Some Software are as designed that Antivirus starts detecting virus in that software and we have to add that software as trusted Program. In this case Antivirus software stops detecting the virus in the software and helpful in smooth running of that software.  

How to add a Folder or Executable file as Trusted Program in Trend Micro Server..?

Its very Easy to add a program to add as Trusted Software in the rend Micro Server.

First Open the Front Screen and put user ID and Password in the box and login.

After Login open the Dash Board and go to Agents->Agent Management.

Now Search for the system, on which you want to Security setting or where you want to add Trusted Program. (Note:- This Search is performed on system name not on IP address as it does not detect system from it and search the system by typing the name in Search for Endpoint text box) As search will be performed that computer name will arrive in downside Table.

Now Click on the System or computer name then after right click and navigate to scan setting->scan method->Real-Time Scan Setting.

(Note:- there are Other methods of Scan setting but because we need just to do this in Real time Setting so we are doing there only, if you want you can do the same setting in that too.)

As you will click on that Real-Time scanning method then a Popup Windows Will open as Real-time Scan Settings. there are 3 tabs Target,Action, Scan Exclusion, we have to click on Scan Exclusion Tab. and we have to mention the Directory name with path in Scan Exclusion List (Directories) (Example :- D:\Directory Name) and after that click on Plus Symbol Button.

there is one more text box at down side for Scan Exclusion List (Files), there we need to give the file name with Directory that we want to add in Trusted Program. and the File Extension name that we want to exclude then mention the Extension name there ad downside box of that. after doing setting click save.

After doing all this settings now update the target client so that it can sync the server and update settings as per the settings done on same, now you see it will not scan and delete the file which has been added as trusted Program.

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