Steps Performed in Microsoft Audit in an Organisation by Microsoft team..

Today’s Major issue is the Microsoft Audit as every Organisation Avoids itself from this audit and ignore the calls from Microsoft as because of illegal use of Windows and MS Office and other Products, So Microsoft team or their Audit team call to the IT Heads or the Concerned person of an Organisation who is responsible for all IT infra Management. 

   So first of all, how they get the information about the Piracy in your organisation as because we are in today’s era every time connected with Internet and in windows there is service called BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) that every time checks the with the internet about the Microsoft Licence that we use while activating or we crack the windows, so make sure that this service should be turned off. you will see this service in start-windows-control panel-Administrative tools-services. or you can open run and write there services.msc there you will see BITS Service make Sure that it should be turned off.

How Microsoft perform Audit…?

So, Ususally Microsoft does not perfomr the audit by it self as they have hired the Audit team like PWC (Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand) or KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) these are two team that basically perform audit as Organisation end on behalf of Microsoft and send the details to Microsoft about what ever is the shortage of licence and then they ask for procurement.

So what Steps taken by them..

First they open the Command Prompt as Administrator Rights and run the net view command..with this command they firstly check how many computer are there on network or with Domain or Workgroup. they count the computer then further process with the name displayed in net view. So make sure that the Domain computer that are being displayed in Net view should be those only which you want to show them in Audit Process.

The They Run System info command on command line with Administrator rights and get the system install date and time because from this they get clue that when it was installed as if it was installed or formatted or reinstalled when after the receiving of Audit email or when the audit communication started with Microsoft they you are under doubt that you was before using illegal Licences.

Then after they check system events where every record is saved about what ever the activity has been performed in computer like installing and uninstalling and when you installed and uninstalled the software theses events contains all logs about that how many offices installed like standard or enterprise office, then they get the event noted and check then they trace from that what is legal or illegal. these events contains MS Office Event and application events and all.

After all that the last is the control panel option where they go to program and features and check the installed software that which software has been installed and how many times it has been installed and they also check which office and Microsoft product is installed in Program and feature.

After these all process they note down all their details on a format that they bring with them while auditing and write everything on that format. this document is signed by IT Head or the concerned person and then they carry that document with them. after this all they ask for licences and check the invoices of all licence and paper licences and server licences.

The most critical part in this all process if CAL Access licences that play the Major roll as because there is mostly cal licence shortage in every organisation so they basically catch them in this trick and then they charge for licences so take care of this very importantly.

Tips to take under Notice if Microsoft Audit comes in your Organisation…

  1. Your all USB Ports should be locked or blocked from Domain End or Antivirus.
  2. The all computer should not have Administrative rights as because they can easily run tool.
  3. Net View Command should show less computers, it can be possible when some of computer will be turned off or de-promoted from Domain Network.
  4. if you planning to format the system before audit then they should be low leveled formatted with Linux Tool.
  5. Try that All Server Side environment should be on LINUX Platform as because they can not do with it because Linux is an Open Source Platform. and it will also help in CAL Access licence because if servers are on Linux then there is no need of CAL Licences on Server side and client side too.


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