Resolve your IPhone Issues within a Minute..See How.?

From the few years it has been seen that, after launching the new IPhone, old IPhone values reduces to low, Now today’s time some of the Apple model are being sold with in 20000 budget and they are easily available in the market. This is the reason now every one is seen using IPhone, Which is called as Premium phone. being a Premium phone it does not mean that Iphone users do not face issues with Phone, Even They also face the Problems with Iphone, So there are some simple tips and tricks that everyone can easily solve their issue just by sitting at home no need to got o Service center or and Mobile Shop.

Phone Battery Dying fast:- Either its Iphone 5 or 8, User normally complains about fast battery dying, This is because of background app running which always run even its on sleep mode, So there is option of Back ground apps refresh, So turn off it, by turning it of the usability of background data would be stopped and the Performance will be high and much better. this option basically in side of setting->general operations. By disabling location service you can also save the battery power. Inside the setting under the usage option you can also check that which is application that is using much battery, the which is using battery so remove it or disable it that is not required.

Slow Interface:-  IPhone is known for it smooth interface and even users like its smooth working and interfaced but still some of users complain about the slow interface. in this situation just go to setting->general and manage storage. because sometime there is issue with space because of unused apps installations its space reduces and this is the reason of slow interface, because IPhone doesn’t have memory card option and it just uses only internal Memory, so use the space carefully with just required applications only, to manage space just delete the unused apps and keep the phone data on cloud.

Connectivity issue:- Generally Iphone works well even in small network range Area, But if your phone has any issue related to connectivity like WIFI, Bluetooth or issue with network signal Strength, In this situation just put your phone on Aeroplane mode for just 30 Seconds, your problem would be resolved and if still you facing this issue then got to settings and reset network settings, after this phone will be set and network issue will be resolved.

Sync Issue :-  Sometime there issue with Phone Sync, then first of all we check the data connection that its running fine?, if internet is running well and we are able to browse sites then we check for the phone update that is it updated or not, if its not updated then update it soon as because of just updating its all problem will be resolved because some time this issue is because of update and with latest version and updation its performance would be fast and smooth.

Apps crashing:-  Sometime there is app crashing issue with IPhone and during use of apps got crash suddenly, if you facing this type of issue then first check the update of app because it can be the reason of app crashing if there is an update then update the app and then after check the update for OS of Phone. problem will be solved till this, but if you still facing issue then uninstall that app and restart you phone and clear cache of phone and now again install that app again, with this way you app crashing issue will be resolved and better performance would be.

Screen is not responding :- some times IPhone touch stops responding, this problem was faced in the old phone, if this problem is because of hardware then it should be changed, but if hardware is well and still you facing this issue the just check for the update of phone OS and if there is OS update. then update you OS instantly, if still there is issue the restart it forcefully, to do this just press power button and home button for sometime, check now it will be solved, if still there is issue then backup your phone and hard reboot it, phone will start working like new phone and all data and setting will be reset. if you also facing the Problem with I-Message the restart it or reset it, it will be solved definitely.

Check Signal Strength:- if you feeling that there is issue with Network Signal Strength and networking is not working properly then you can easily check it. for this you just open a Dial pad of your Phone and type :- *3001#12345#* after typing this just call on this number, mostly you will get failed response form this, but you can see number on the place of Tower if its showing 40 to 130 then signal strength is weak if it is showing 0 it means it is the best strength.


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