Send message on Whats App without saving number in your phone on Android

The Instant Messaging App Whats App is the famous Messaging app now in world wide, Company Has given the Greatest feature to use and also to improve experience of user, But till now there is no option of sending Direct Message to a Contact, First you will have to add or save that number in you contact list and the go to whats app setting and refresh the contact list, after that the contact will appears in the list of whats app. Then you are able to send a message to a person.

But now its possible as no need to to save the number there in you contacts first, as you can directly send the message to contact direct with this Third Party App. this app name is WhatsDirect

You can download it on PlayStore or Click here to download :-  WhatsDirect

This App is Totally Free on PlayStore and it is also adds free application means there no ads will be shown on this app when you use it.

How to Use it?

First download this app from Google Paly Store and install it on you Android Phone, After installing the app the icon will add on Home Screen. open the application and it will look like it.

After this Enter the Number with Country Code in the First Text Box like :- +91-123456789 and write the message in the second text box and click on send text, it will automatically open the whats app application and send the message direct to that number in you whats app without saving it in your contact list.

as you will click on the send text you, message will be sent and shown in the whats app.

So now its easy to send the Message on whats app without saving number in whats app contact some times we need emergence and send the message early so just download this app and use direct sending message to your whats app contact or unknown numbers.


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