How to Set Auto Reply on WhatsApp…?

The Instant Messaging App Whats App is one of the great application that is used in World Wide, As this company has given the greatest features to their users in this application for their best experience. Till Now whats app has not given any auto reply feature on whats app but then now we can use it with third party apps that are totally free, Means you can auto reply to your Nearer and Dear without Touching Phone, But this can be possible with help of Third Party Apps that are available on Play Store.

Set Auto reply on Whats App.

For using this feature on your phone, first of all you will have to install Auto Reply for Whats App from Google Play Store.

You Can download it here:Auto Reply for Whats App

After Installing on Phone this app is automatically detects whats app and linked with it. After installing users just have to do some little settings just to activate it with auto reply.

When You first open this app it will ask for read Message permission first time. So click on ok to allow to read permission.

After Clicking on Ok it will got to the Notification access of App where it cloud read the message on Back end and auto reply to the message, so allow also to this screen too.

After that give it permission to allow so that it could read the full permission. it asks for confirmation so confirm it here by clicking on allow button.

After doing all above step now the main application will open and you can see a plus symbol on downside at right corner there you can add the Person name whom you want to send the auto reply. add the name of the person here.

if you want to set auto reply for all you contacts then click on the option auto reply for all messages that message will be set for all contacts..

you can also set the Custom message for the person by typing the keywords like Hi, good Morning, As you get this particular keyword in the message then that person will be sent the custom message that you type and saved

After typing and selecting custom message it will look like this. you can type here as per you requirement that you need to send to your nearer and dear.

After doing ll above settings, message will be automatically sent to the users, who will send the message to you, this option is the best for the business person whoa are out for business and that have to reply for every message so use it and stay connected with you close ones.



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