WD My cloud EX4100 is not the Best Product for Data Center

As because now every thing is going digital, so storage has become one of the most important tool as we need a storage to keep data as digitally, The One of the important thing is that it should be reliable so that in future data be safe always and whenever we required we immediately get it from our storage device. So storage device comes in many Brands like WD, Toshiba,Segate and also with Rack Storage that are mountable on rack and Network Attached Storage.

So it depends on your Choice that whichever you want to buy, But As per my Experience i want to tell you and explain you the some limitation of WD Product as these product are not reliable. WD as know world leader in storage but their quality and service is very poor and they even don’t send their engineer to you location to check your problem even, if there is any issue with WD Product then you will have to go their Drop Point and leave the drive there then after they will ship the new drive within a week or 10 days as drive received. so there are some point that shows why this product is not reliable and good for your use.

Reliability:-¬† As i mentioned before that this is not a reliable product as because when it raid stops working and when its drive got damaged even you don’t know, as i bought this WD My cloud EX4 with 16 TB and its all way drive got damaged 3 times 1 years. even i lodged complain to WD and they did not send the Engineer to check that what is the issue, even they said there is issue with you network and all but their door step service is Zero, then in 2 years its network got damages and its stops responding after a week the we have to restart it.

Service :- Service is not as expected as we people want that if there is any issue with anything we want door step service, but as wd is not giving the door step service, if there is any issue with drive then they just take call and try to slolve it on phone and trouble shoot it on phone just even they can'[t take it on remote control that what is the issue is, if the problem not solved the they juts raise RMA Number and says¬† drop the Drive at Drop point we will send you new piece, so their service is Zero and we can’t trust that if there any issue then there will be any engineer to solve it.

Not for long Term Use:- Their Product are not for Long Term use as because of zero reliability and service, the hard disk of this drive are also not reliable because drive gets damaged very soon and if you use it regular and continuous data backup then gets damaged within 6 month because they can’t afford the data backup on regular basis. it is not for long term use and reliable.

Price:- Wd Product price are less and cheep as comparable to others devices, as other cost much but their service and reliability as good, because of cheep prices these are affordable and people go for it. but when point of service comes and readability comes then there it is realized that spending more amount was the best, because service is the main thing if the service is good and products is little costly then person go for it because after sale service is second big thing, so if its little costly and brand is good so we should go towards that without thing more.

So its depend on you that which product you want to buy because, as today world is digital and storage has become one of the major part of the world, smart phone , cloud storage and computers with large storage. so never go with price, go with service and quality is one of the major thing.


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