How to Solve ‘ Can’t Connect to X11 window server’ on RedHat and Linux

When installing Oracle Server on RedHat Server if you getting error Can’t Connect to X11 window server’ on RedHat and Linux,linux,X11,window server, the there are very simple way to resolve this error.

Note down the Following steps to take under notice

  1. Check that are you logged on with Oracle user as because its installer run with oracle user as it owns all the permission which required by setup.
  2. if you are logged on with Oracle User and you still getting this Error of Can’t Connect to X11 window server’ on RedHat and Linux,linux,X11,windos server, then check have install the X11 Server and all its dependencies which is required by it. if not the install it.
  3. if you have installed yum server then you can easily install all its package otherwise you will have to run one by one which is little bit tough.

for installation of YUM server refer to below link.

Install YUM server on RedHat Linux and CentOS Linux

now install the following package with YUM command and all its dependencies, as X11 server is included in xorg packages so run following command.

#  yum install xorg*  (to install all packages related to xorg and X11)

then after set the display parmeter as:-

# DISPLAY=<ip_address>:0.0; export DISPLAY

after thus run the the installer command using Oracle user, X11 Server problem will be resolved completely.

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